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About Us | TatuIt Studio

The Home of User-Generated Fashion:

Customize Shoes, Shirts, Merch and More

What Is Tatuit.Studio?

Tatuit.Studio is a platform that collaborates with global artists to start their own businesses creating and selling art to individuals seeking to customize personal items they use in their daily lives.
To do this, we invented a technology we call TATU. Our TATU technology allows an image to be placed on personal items, such as shoes, backpacks, etc.
We’re constantly improving the technology to allow TATU to be placed on a wider range of surfaces. The goal is to have a TATU for every surface, allowing you to turn your life into a canvas.

Our Mission

To give you the freedom to uniquely express yourself on any product you own. We make personal branding and customization accessible to everyone by providing a gallery of TATU designed by renowned global artists, as well as tools for anyone to design and create their own personal TATU.

Our Vision

We see a world where life is the canvas and the only brand that matters is YOU.

We Trick Kicks

Our first product release is the Shoe TATU, which allows users to take art from our gallery (or create their own) and apply it to their shoes, giving them the power to create completely unique and original shoe designs.

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